Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Maximum Number of people I can fit in the venue?

We only provide seating and tables for up to 120 guests. 

2. Is there a Direct Number to Call? 

Sadly, there is no direct number to the Events Coordinator at the Maxwell House. Our only line is 626-356-8014

3. I'm a prospective Bride/Groom/Client, How do I book a tour?

Click the white button in the upper right corner of the screen that says "Take a Tour". Once on that page select "Prospective Client Tour", and then select the date/time that works for you.

4. I'm a vendor hired for an upcoming event and I'd like a tour, what do I do?

Click the Contact tab and then click "Visit". Once on that page select "Vendor Visit", click on the gray arrow next to it, and then select the date/time that works for you.

5. Do you provide catering?

No, but you are welcome to bring in outside caterers, we have an excellent caterer's kitchen, and we are happy to provide you with a list of our preferred caterers.

6. What are your weekday hours?

Our offices are typically open 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday, with our Events Coordinator in office from 10am - 4pm.

7. Can I have my event during a Weekday?

Yes! You are welcome to have your events on a weekday, however we can not guarantee total privacy as our offices, and the offices of the other Non-Profits on our campus, will be open.

8. Is the Kitchen included in my package?

If you choose the $5500 Private Event or Wedding Package, yes it is included; for other rentals you may need to rent it additionally. 

9. Can we have a Food Truck as our caterer?

Unfortunately we can not allow food trucks at our venue. We are in a residential neighborhood and we can not disturb our neighbors.

10. Can I hold a date?

Yes! You can put down a $100 hold, and we will hold your chosen date for 7 days. If you choose to move forward with your event during or at the completion of those 7 days that $100 will count towards the total cost of your event. You may only hold a date once, and you may only have one hold per event. 

11. Can we extend our rental past 11pm? 

Unfortunately not. We are not allowed to make exceptions to this rule for many reasons, some of which being; Our Neighbors, Our Staff Hours, The Cleaning Crew, and the time it takes to turn the space over for the following event.

12. Can we Grill or BBQ outside? 

No. Because we are a historic building, we do not allow open flame of any sort here at our venue. Sadly BBQ's and Outside Grills fall under that category.