Pre-event visit

If you'd like to schedule a visit of the venue and meet one of the Events Coordinators in preparation for an upcoming event, please schedule a Vendor Visit or Site Visit. 

Vendor load-in 

Deliveries and pickups must be arranged between the client and the Maxwell House Event Coordinators. It is the responsibility of the client to relay the delivery information to the vendor. Weddings typically arrange delivery of dance floors, tables, linens, supplies, etc during their scheduled 3-hr window the Friday before the wedding or the morning of the wedding, starting at 11am. Please check with your client to verify their delivery window and arrange for delivery to be completed during that time. Any non-wedding package booking will not be given a delivery timeslot before their rental time begins. If you are working one of these events, please note that you will not be able to gain access to the property until the rental time listed on the client's contract. In example, if they have paid for use of the building from 4-8pm, you will not be able to load in until 4pm. 
Vendors may park in front of our building to unload. Once settled, vendors should park their vehicles in the designated lot across from the courthouse. Please be mindful of our neighbors at all times. A walkway extends from the street to the back door of the building and serves as access for any carts, dollies, or items that can't go up stairs. 

vendor pick-up

All pickup times must be arranged between the client and the Maxwell House Events Coordinators. It is the client's responsibility to relay the information to their vendors. Most events require pickups to be same-day, with the vendors out of the building by the end of the rental time listed on the client's contract. Weddings generally arrange for pick-up of large items to occur the Monday morning, before 12pm, following the wedding. This must be scheduled in advance, so please confirm with your client if these arrangements were made. There will not be staff on site to allow for next-day pickups. 


Includes access to the patios, foyer, dining room, and a private restroom. We do NOT provide dishware, tableware, cookware, or any other supplies beyond those needed for cleaning. Please come prepared with any equipment you may need. 
  • Industrial Oven + Stovetop (pictured)

  • Warming Oven (pictured) 

  • Large Industrial Fridge (pictured) 

  • Beverage Fridges (not pictured)

  • Standard microwave (pictured)

  • Industrial microwave (not pictured) 

  • Industrial Convection Oven (not pictured) 

  • Standard Sink (pictured) 

  • Standard Freezer (not pictured) 

  • Industrial Dish-Washing Station (not pictured)

  • Countertop Prep Space + Butler's Pantry (pictured)