The following is a list of rules and regulations to be upheld by the Client

Which includes all WEDDING PLANNERS and VENDORS who are involved in the planning and execution of a wedding on the premises of the Venue.

The CLIENT must designate an on-site representative who will be in contact with the VENUE as needed.
During the event, no amplified music may be played on the patios. Acoustic music ONLY is permitted but must conclude at 7pm with respect to neighbors.
The use of tape, wires, tacks, nails and glue to hang decorations is prohibited. All decorations must be placed and removed without leaving damage. Be kind and leave the property as you found it.
Placements of tables, tents, live music, catering equipment etc. must be approved by VENUE no later than ONE week before the event.
Alcohol may not be served to minors.
At any time, if the VENUE staff deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the premises.
Children are not permitted to wander the grounds unsupervised by an adult.
No glitter, rice, confetti, or flower petals may be used on the ground indoors or outdoors.
No sparklers, open flames or candles of any kind are permitted without explicit approval by the VENUE.
Smoking or use of vapes of any kind is strictly prohibited on any area of the VENUE property, inside and outside.
Dance floors must be rented and utilized if there will be dancing of any kind, in an effort to protect the hardwood floors at the historic site.
All Events must end by 10:00 pm to comply with the City sound ordinances and in order to allow for clean-up and closure of the site by 11:00pm

insurance requirements

  • $1 million general liability coverage 
  • Alcohol included in coverage, if you will have alcohol at your event
  • Please list 'The Western Justice Center' (our organization) on your paperwork, not 'The Maxwell House' (our building name)

how to get insurance

Most of our clients choose to rent their event coverage from Wedsafe, but you may take out a policy from any accredited private company or your homeowners insurance. Wedsafe insurance coverage costs clients about $100-$175 for a one-day policy. We don't receive this money, it goes to the insurance provider. Proof of coverage forms should be uploaded (in pdf format) when you complete your Event Packet submission form.